Yota Suzuki

Designer / YouTuber

I was born in 1999. I had started studying the way how to create iPhone apps myself since 2013. Then, I released four apps on the App Store. Then, I knew “Design“ in the paid internship when I was a high school student. I am currently working as a freelance designer and running my hobby's YouTube channel that has over 27K subscribers and over 4M views. Also, watching and listen to Japanese popsters videos and music.


I collected some my favorite music(all is J-Pop) on this playlist. Especialy, I love Japanese popsters.



Current(2019.04 -)


Design CollegeCo-Founder, President

Current (2019.03 -)

Design College is a design community that was founded by six students who also work as a designer. We manage events for students in Japan who study and aspire to become a desginer.


UI/UX DesignerInternship

Cookpad Inc. / 2021.06 -

I am working currently for Make Everyday cooking fun!


Appbrew.inc / 2021.01 - 06

Appbew is a startup company, running the cosmetics news media app “LIPS'' which has over 65 million downloads and is ranked as No. 1 in Free Apps Category on App Store. With the new product team, I am supporting the UI/UX, and BI design for new services.

Product DesignerInternship

Visional / 2021.02 - 03

Visional is providing the most biggest job search platform for executives “BizReach”. It is like a localized version of Linkedin. I won the grand prize in the summer internship 2020. After that, I designed a BtoB HR platform for headhunters in the Bizreach design team.

UI/UX DesignerInternship

Cookpad Inc. / 2020.10 - 2021.02

Cookpad is the biggest recipe service in Japan. Designed and developed the Cookpad for Web. In charge of improving User experience based on A/B-Test and Analytics data. In the new product team, I designed new user experience online grocery store service, Cookpad Mart.

Lead DesignerFreelancer

N Inc. / 2020.06 - 2021.01

“atena” provides a way to confirm the postal matter on the web service. In Sep 2020, it pivoted the target users to business from to customers. I redesigned it for corporate use. After that, the company achieved increasing sales by two times since the starting service.


UUUM Co.,Ltd. / 2018.07 - 2019.12

UUUM, one of the biggest YouTube MCN companies in Japan, develops some web services for YouTube creators and employees. In charge of designing the common authentication system for creators and creator management system for employees.

UI DesignerInternship

Trenders, Inc.(BLT) / 2020.06 - 2021.01

The marketing PR company Trenders created a new service “Anny” a social gifting service specializing in anniversary gifting. In charge of improving CTR for purchase funnel and creating the best user experience and based on A/B-Test. When the holiday season in 2017, achieved the highest sales and over 25 million active users per month.